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Godzilla by Carlos Ramos | Cel Vinyl on wood $1000 | GIF from littletropicalthunder

My queue is empty, so it is time for some Shameless SPAM-REBLOG from my other blog: moviellustration. But Gojira was a mutant dinosaur… this isn’t entirely offtopic…

WHOAAAA, this is lovely!



The Most Desolate City on Earth: Gunkanjima, aka ‘Battleship Island’

Utterly abandoned, this former coal-mining site stands like a rotten tooth jutting from the turbulent waters off Nagasaki. A formidable seawall protects a dense warren of empty factory buildings and crumbling apartments. Roofs have blown off or caved in and walls have sloughed off their skins, leaving the skeletal underpinning of buildings visible. Dark hallways and dangerous, twisting staircases abound in M.C. Escherian complexity, leading to ruined vistas with names like “Block 65” and the “Stairway to Hell.” (Top-left and top-right, respectively.)

See more at The Atlantic Cities. [Images: Wikipedia]

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