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Screen-tone badge for Squeedge


As you’re probably all aware by now, the ECCC mess destroyed my wallet and has made getting my plane ticket to AC that much more difficult. In order to help fund the trip as quickly as possible I’m taking badge commissions. 

These badges are traditionally made with manga screentones. 

Large- 25$, example above. You can also see some earlier badges here and here, but they’re early badges so the designs are rougher. 

Small- 15$, examples will be provided soon. This badge will be just the characters head and their name w/screentones.

All badges will be available for pick-up at Anthrocon. If you would like me to mail them to you instead please specify in your e-mail. 

I’ll be closing commissions once I’m full up. 

As a side note: I’ve gotten some people expressing interest in general commissions (sketches, icons, illustrations). Due to time constraints it’s very difficult for me to work on commissions that require a lot of back and forth between myself and the customer, but if you’re super interested in buying something then drop me an e-mail. Basic commissions range from 10$ for a sketch to 50$ for a small illustration. I can also do comics but only on a case by case basis. 

Drop me an e-mail at akumyo (at) devourcomics (dot) com and I’ll provide further info and where to send the cash bux. DO NOT send me tumblr notes those are terribly unreliable and hard to keep track of. 

Thanks guys! 

For the day crew

this is so great! and tempting!




Godzilla by Carlos Ramos | Cel Vinyl on wood $1000 | GIF from littletropicalthunder

My queue is empty, so it is time for some Shameless SPAM-REBLOG from my other blog: moviellustration. But Gojira was a mutant dinosaur… this isn’t entirely offtopic…

WHOAAAA, this is lovely!



Welcome to the working week.

Godzilla illustration by Ping Zhu :: via


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